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Shops @ Andover

13650 Hanson Boulevard NW, Andover, MN 55403

The site was a shuttered Mobile Gas Station that went out of business because a new Kwik Trip gas station moved in almost next door. The existing buildings needed to be razed, the site needed the tanks and dispensers removed, and remediation of any contaminated soils was required. The property had been on the market for almost two years. Many users and developers looked at it but were unable to make any development work. Platinum Properties Group took control of the site and formed a partnership with Klodt Incorporated to redevelop the site.  The construction of the building uses contemporary architectural styles, offering unique distinct tenant identification spaces, through the use of corner towers and a variety of materials of brick, EFIS, metal siding and metal awnings. Because of site limitations, storm water was handled with limited onsite ponding and underground parking lot storm water infiltration. City requirements of parking stalls being ten (10) feet wide, posed a real challenge to meet the required parking ratios, but with the help of the city a variance was obtain, which allowed us to meet the necessary parking ratios. Leasing interest was strong during the due diligence period, however because of an aggressive seller, the property was purchased prior to any leases being signed, subsequently the interested leasing prospects were converted to Tenants.

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